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Column: District 518 announces snow day make-up schedule

By Parker Sandhurst, District 518

WORTHINGTON — Snow continues to fly as we work our way through this white and blustery month of February. With this record-breaking snowfall, school cancellations have begun to feel all too common.

Independent School District 518 has created a plan that was approved by the school board during the Feb. 19 meeting to make up this academic year’s snow days. This schedule considers the total of eight days missed, including the most recent cancellation on Feb. 20. The following days will be added as academic days for students in the 2018-19 school year.

March 25 will be an Alternative (Digital) Learning day for all students grades K-12. This involves students grades 5-12 utilizing their district devices to access their class material online. Students who are not able to log in or complete their work due to individual situations are given two additional school days to complete the work. If the assignments are still not submitted by this extended deadline, the student is marked as absent for the Alternative (Digital) Learning day. Students grades K-4 will have activities sent home which are to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian to show participation on these days.

April 18 will be a full, in-class instructional day for staff and students.

April 22 will be an Alternative (Digital) Learning day.

School district staff will have up to three additional days to report to school for training including June 3, 4 and 5, depending on individuals’ positions.

District 518 would like to extend a very warm “thank you” to all the members of our community who have helped us persevere through this extraordinary weather. It takes the determined work of many people (from staff in all positions, to families, to the students themselves as well as countless community members) to continue to offer the excellence in education that ISD 518 promises.

More information and details on Alternative (Digital) Learning days will be coming from the district soon, including a letter sent to district families. Please feel free to direct questions concerning the upcoming snow day make up schedule to the district administration office. The office can be reached at 372-2172.

Parker Sandhurst is the District 518 communications coordinator.