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Column: Celebrating Music in Our Schools Month

By Taylor Huwe and Debra Moe

WORTHINGTON —  As we enter the doors to Prairie Elementary, the long corridor seems to be buzzing with excitement from the students beginning their day full of learning, but in the second grade commons area there seems to be a few peculiar sounds. What is that? Yes, I hear some ducks quacking, some sheep baaahing, pigs oinking, and even a few donkeys hee-hawing around, but there seems to be a problem. What is that I hear? Why, it’s absolute silence. Oh, dear, the cow on Old MacDonald’s farm seems to have forgotten how to moo! This is the theme for the second grade’s next music performance of “EIEI Oops,” and although it may appear as a lighthearted musical program, it allows the second-graders at Prairie Elementary to come together as a class to perform music together.

Down yet another hall you’ll hear once again peculiar sounds. Honks, blasts, toots and tweets. Spring is in the air, and fourth-graders are excitedly trying band instruments after hearing those ahead of them at the middle school and dreaming of fifth grade to come. They are learning that with hard work comes a collaboration that brings joy and hope to not only themselves, but also the world around them.

Music is, indeed, a unifying force that seems to break down the strongest of barriers and uplift us in the darkest of times. It gives a voice to the students we weren’t sure how to reach, and brings joy to the family and friends that come to celebrate in the students’ musical achievements, which is why the theme for Music in Our School’s Month couldn’t be more appropriate: “All Music All People.”

No matter your age, culture or demographic, music is an integral part of our lives. We hear it in waiting rooms, stores and even while pumping gas. We wake up to it from our alarms, and when you need to hear a particular song, you just ask your phone. Music is a part of us all. Whether it be classical or contemporary, sung, played or even just listened to, music affects us all at every age.

I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.  Plato

It’s why you’ll not only find Prairie Elementary students singing, dancing, playing instruments and performing each day, but also students across our district at all levels. It is the experience and joy of music, which allows the basic understanding of music to begin and last a lifetime.

No matter your age, during this music in our schools month, come out and support our student musicians or pick up that instrument that has been collecting dust in the closet. Sing with a group of friends, or listen to a new album. Music is not just for the young or the young at heart. It is for us all.