WORTHINGTON — Worthington Middle School is always abuzz with new and innovative learning taking place. Most of this learning is purely academic. However, the school counselors also get to educate our students on social/emotional learning and career development. Carrie Adams and Carly Duffy are both counselors at the Worthington Middle School.

Currently, Carrie Adams works with students in sixth and seventh grade and Carly Duffy works with students in fifth and eighth grade. The counselors at the middle school rotate grades with their students each year. This allows students will have access to the same counselor each of the four years they are in our building. We believe this provides consistency for the students and helps them to feel comfortable reaching out to us when they are in need.

This year, the counselors have been involved in helping to implement a new program at WMS. We have started a building-wide program called Trojan PRIDE. In all areas of our building, we have always had student expectations. However, we now have clear Trojan PRIDE expectations. These expectations intend to teach positive character traits that will help each one of us be successful in school and in life. In brief, Trojan PRIDE stands for Personal responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Disciplined and Engagement. There are clear expectations identified for the classroom, hallways/locker area, bathroom, cafeteria, bus, outside/recess and online activities. Next time you are in our building, check out the posters that fully explain Trojan PRIDE.

Our school counselors also meet with students throughout the day. Adolescence can be a difficult and challenging time. Our counselors are here to help them learn coping skills, build positive friendships and grow into successful individuals. If you think your child could benefit from working with one of the counselors, please call the middle school at 376-4174.