I was searching through a store before Christmas, on a quest to find a gift for our family’s annual gift exchange, when one of those blocks with words caught my eye.

“This is my happy place!” it declared on the front-facing block, and along the top were the words, “So glad to be home!”

It spoke to me — more than clearance racks of clothes and shoes; more than a 20%-off sale at my favorite needlework shop … well, OK, maybe not like a needlework shop sale. But, it spoke to me nonetheless.

So, while I should have spent my money solely on a gift for a niece, the block with the words accompanied me to the cash register. It was a gift from me to me — the right size, the right color, the right price, and just perfect for my spare bedroom turned heaven-on-earth haven for needlework lovers.

Placed atop the dresser drawers that hide away my fabrics, the sign is a reminder of what I already know: few places make me happier than being surrounded by my stash.

My mom thinks I’ve gone a little overboard — alright, a lot overboard — with my collection of fabrics, threads and pattern books. I tell her I’m stocking up for retirement, for snowy winters, for rainy summers, for the days when life’s stressors need to work their way out through needle and thread.

Buying more stuff to support my addiction, well, that makes me feel good, too.

But then I worry what my three brothers will do with my stash if I depart this world before them. Will my auctioneer brother come in and sell my precious Valdani and Caron threads and lugana fabric for 50 cents, maybe $1? Will the oldest brother or the younger brother empty out the room and toss everything in a dumpster? Oh, the horror!

I guess there’s only one thing I can do about it. Since it’s the start of a new year — a new decade — my resolution is: Thou shalt stitch up the fabrics with the threads using the patterns. Now, get to work!

Yep, that sounds like a resolution I can keep, and it doesn’t tell me I can’t add to my stash.

Happy New Year, dear readers! May you spend the year — and the decade — doing what makes you happy.