WORTHINGTON — Since March 18, students at ISD 518 have not been in district facilities for classes. This does not mean, however, that learning has ceased for students. A distance learning plan was crafted and implemented by ISD 518 with input from staff around the district including administrators, paraprofessionals, cooks, custodial staff, support staff and teachers. Though the learning process may look very different, ISD 518 has implemented a plan with the goal of an equitable learning process for all students.

Through collaborations across all of District 518, the distance learning plan will remain in effect until the end of the scheduled school year. Though many staff members are not in district facilities during the work day, they are working remotely and harder than ever to ensure all students are achieving excellence in education. A week of recognition is approaching for one especially hardworking group of ISD 518 staff members — teachers.

May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a week to acknowledge everything teachers have done for us throughout our lives and all of the work they continue to do with students today. Teachers, through any adversity the world may throw at them, connect with students, provide valuable knowledge for life and act as community role models. ISD 518 is lucky to enjoy the incredible teaching staff in all of its facilities.

Teachers everywhere act as critical pillars in their communities. Providing curriculum-based education is just a part of what teachers do every day for their students. Enabling students to learn from one another, changing and adapting to current events and trends, and inspiring students to achieve excellence are all equally important parts of a teacher’s role. Teacher appreciation week is a designated time to show gratitude for teachers and the crucial role they play in our community.

This year more than ever, ISD 518 would like to recognize the incredible work teachers are doing. Please take the time to reach out to a teacher this upcoming week and thank them for their resilience in taking on an incredible challenge of changing and adapting to the current world situation. Without the talented teachers at ISD 518, distance learning would not be possible. By continuing to provide excellent and equitable education, teachers, and all staff from ISD 518, are bringing a small sense of normalcy to today’s world for their students. Thank you, teachers, for everything you have done and continue to do.

Parker Sandhurst is District 518's communications coordinator.