WORTHINGTON Family Consumer Sciences (FACS) is an elective course that provides an introduction to career planning, financial literacy, human development and relationships, nutrition and wellness, design, life skills and resource management to sixth- through eighth-graders at Worthington Middle School (WMS). Each grade level covers different topics, building upon them each year, preparing them for higher-level FACS courses at the high school.

While this year has made it difficult for hands-on learning experiences in class, it also has provided validation to the course topics and why it is important to learn to master basic life skills, especially when we have been living in the middle of a pandemic.

Food and nutrition, child development, hand sewing and money management have been key concepts that we have focused our learning in this year. Despite this school year having several changes in learning models and distancing regulations, WMS FACS found ways to provide hands-on learning opportunities for the students via take-home kits, hand sewing projects, cross-stitch projects and individual-based foods labs. While some learning activities were modified to meet current restrictions, several will stay in place for the future years.

Moving forward, WMS FACS will continue to have individual-based food labs, as students are responsible for their own project by increasing skill levels and cooking methods and ensuring their kitchens are clean. We also hope to increase our design unit to incorporate more hand sewing, as well as introducing sewing machines into FACS class. Child development units will be enhanced by more hands-on learning experiences and simulations for students to understand growth and development, as well as the responsibilities of caring for children.

Stay tuned for what the future of WMS FACS will be!

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Katie Klosterbuer is a Worthington Middle School family consumer science teacher.