Column: 'You will help get us through this crisis'

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To the Residents of Worthington:

Before becoming Governor, I had the great honor of representing Worthington in the U.S. Congress for more than a decade. One thing is very clear to me: your community represents the best of Minnesota. Our vibrant diversity. Our community spirit. Our industrious nature.

I know that the COVID-19 virus has had a massive impact on your lives. As we’ve seen across the world and now in our own communities, this virus can strike anywhere at any time. It impacts nearly every facet of our lives. How we work, how we learn, even how we interact with each other on a human level. I want you to know that my administration is doing everything we can to respond to this situation, both in your community and across the state. We are coordinating across state agencies and are working with local officials and community leaders to ensure that you are safe and have the resources you need. Making sure we all get through this together is my top priority.

You have great leaders in your community as well. The mayor, local public health officials, labor organizations, community leaders speaking up on behalf of our immigrant and refugee communities, and many others, are all helping my Administration better understand what we need to do to support you.

We are facing difficult challenges ahead. The road will not be easy. But that same spirit of togetherness and belief in ourselves that spurred our forebearers to put down roots and build a resilient community in the unforgiving wind of the Minnesota prairie lives in us today. Your strength and courage are remarkable. You will help us get through this crisis. We’ve weathered many a tough Minnesota winter before, and by helping one another and sticking together, we will do the same with this one.

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