The Intermediate School is almost finished

New building project slated for completion in 12 weeks; students will move in this fall.

Katie Clarke
Katie Clarke

WORTHINGTON — In as little as 12 weeks, the Intermediate school will be completed! The school is on schedule to open for around 650 students next fall. This is fantastic news and will allow district staff time to assemble furniture, unload items from the other buildings, and get spaces set up and ready for kids throughout the summer.

Administration and other year-round staff will be working in the building as early as June. Over 90 staff members will report to the Intermediate school in August. There are 36 general education classrooms and 16 rooms for special education, English learners, and interventionists. The music area has three rooms for general music, band, and orchestra.

You may have driven by Intermediate on Crailsheim Road and noticed a few distinctive parts of the building. Did you notice the large glass area in the middle of the building? That is the media center/library area. You probably saw the two-story area on the south side of the building. That is the academic wing where the classrooms are located. The gymnasium space is easy to spot on the north side of the building. The bus lane will be on the north side of the building, with employee and guest parking in the large lot on the east side, and staff parking in a small lot on the south side.

While the facility will be new, the school will continue to offer many of the same great opportunities students currently have in grades 3, 4, and 5 at Prairie Elementary and Worthington Middle School.

All students will have general music classes three days per week. In addition, fourth graders will be able to participate in orchestra. Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in orchestra and band. All students will also have physical education class and recess each day.


A group of teacher leaders have been working hard behind the scenes providing input and ideas for the new school. This transition team is focused on creating a school with an optimal learning environment that meets the needs of each student. The leadership is prioritizing a positive culture and climate for students and staff.

The school will have an elementary focus, meaning that students will have a general education classroom teacher. They may also have specialist teachers such as interventionists, English learner teachers, and special education teachers. The school will have two counselors and a social worker. Staff were notified of their teaching assignments in January.

The school district is hoping to provide tours after the facility is completed. Be watching for further announcements about a possible open house and new student enrollment procedures to come this spring.

We appreciate the support and encouragement of providing additional space and facilities for students of District 518 to learn and grow, along with the expansion of experiences in each students’ educational journey. Our mission is to have all learners be successful citizens in the future, and we are excited to transition and start the journey with our students.

Katie Clarke is principal at the Worthington Intermediate School.

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