When dreams come true

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Julie Buntjer

Country crossroads, icy backroads

There’s no trip to the farm.

In the air there’s an unwelcome mist.

I’m not driving,

there’s no shopping


Oh the deals I have missed.

I’ll just stay home, do the laundry

Hang the ornaments on the tree.

Put my feet up, tune to Hallmark

It’s a good day to stitch.

Oh the weather, now it’s foggy

When will the next round come in?

These days I dreamed of, when it was busy


It’s time to get some projects done!

Yay, the tree’s trimmed — ain’t it pretty?

I sure did miss this last year.

What to do next? This is boring!

I’ll just sit again to stitch.

Time to get up, time to take a break.

I can shovel the walk.

Hey it’s not bad, I can go out


To the Y and walk the track.

Then the ice came, it was not nice

Freezing rain is not my friend.

I must go though, buy a jug of milk

And some bags of salad.

Back at home again, on the phone with mom

The hunters, they haven’t had much luck.

A puzzle’s out and on the table,

She’s in need of some help.

Well I’m sorry Mom, I’m not driving out

Think I’ll just stay home … and stitch.

Finally, now it’s Sunday night,

and my eyes are so strained!

Too much stitching, too much TV,

Won’t this headache just leave?

Back at work again Monday morning

Are those coworkers I see?

How I’ve missed them, it was so quiet

In my house, just my stitching and me!

Dear readers, I love snow days when I can be home and surrounded by my stash of needlework supplies, but a three-day stitching binge can sure make a person stir-crazy!

The sun is out now and the streets are clear, shopping must commence, for Christmas is near.

My wish for you this season is to spend time with those you love, make time for what you love and don’t overdo it on the eggnog or the oyster stew.

Merry Christmas!

Julie Buntjer became editor of The Globe in July 2021, after working as a beat reporter at the Worthington newspaper since December 2003. She has a bachelor's degree in agriculture journalism from South Dakota State University.
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