From the Mayor's Desk: Let's not forget what Worthington has going for it


It was a disappointment to say the least that the movie theater project was put on hold last week.

After much discussion, the city entered into a purchase agreement with them last year for property to build and operate a theater. The property had a lot of issues with zoning, size and parking to be used for a theater, but knowing the sentiment and wishes of the community to once again have a theater, staff worked very hard to make it happen. With a workable plan and council agreeing to a substantial discount on the lot, we entered into the purchase agreement.

While the movie theater project is indeed on hold at the moment, that doesn’t mean that Worthington doesn’t have plenty going for it. Consider the following:

  1. Worthington has great infrastructure in place; a four-lane highway east and west and four-lane north and south.
  2. Worthington has a great airport that is thriving.
  3. Worthington has a great mix of well-diversified industries (bioscience, manufacturing, ag- related) that provide good jobs.
  4. Worthington has a growing population and a lot of cultural diversity.
  5. Worthington housing stock is growing and well on its way to a goal of 500 new housing units by 2020. Additionally, the Nobles Home Initiative tax abatement program has added a lot of single-family homes. Forty-eight income-based and 48 market-rate units have been built, with another 72 market-rate units to be built this summer.

With the movie theater, the city did its job and will hold up its side of the bargain. We only hope that the other side will do the same. In the meantime, we should be proud of the things we do have, as they will only be an asset to us as we continue to move forward as a community.