How to submit a paid letter to the editor


The Globe has now begun charging for political endorsement letters to the editor, effective with the July 28 edition.

Election-related letters to the editor advocating for or against a candidate, ballot measure or political party will be considered ads and are subject to a charge of $25 for the first 7 inches and $10 for each inch thereafter.

Individuals who wish to submit a paid political endorsement are instructed to follow these steps:

  • Go to the milestones website ( Once you are on the website pick the political letter option and click the next button.

  • Pick which newspaper you the announcement to publish in. The Globe is included on the initial page of options. Then, select which date the announcement should be published and click next.

  • Now you can fill in the information you wish to have published in the letter. If the letter is on the shorter side, you can type it directly into the field on the website. If the letter is lengthier, it might be a good idea to type it out in a document prior to visiting the website.

Since we process credit card payments through the site, it refreshes on a regular basis. This frequent refreshing may cause you to lose all text entered if you are on one page

for too long. Once all the fields are entered, click next.

  • You will now see a preview of the letter. You will also have the ability to edit the text on this page. If everything looks OK, click next.

  • This will now bring you to a summary of your order. If everything looks OK, click next.

  • If you haven’t already logged in, you may do so now on the left hand side of the page. If you have logged, in you should see your information prepopulated. If you haven’t already created a login, you must do so on this page. If you are pre-authorized for billing, you should see an option to pay with a credit card or automatic billing. If you aren’t authorized for billing, you must prepay for your letter.

Once everything is filled in, click Place Order.

  • A payment window will now appear if you aren’t using automatic billing. Once everything has been entered, click the Submit button. You will be brought to a confirmation page.

  • You can click next or close out of the website. Once a letter is submitted, it will take about 10 minutes to come through.