Guest Editorial: Helping Hands Pregnancy Center plans fundraising banquet Nov. 16 in Worthington

Local center served 112 clients last quarter.

The 31st annual fundraising banquet for the Helping Hands Pregnancy Center will be held on Tuesday Nov. 16, at the Worthington Event Center.

In 10 days, we’ll lift the new banner for the upcoming year, and “LET LIFE SHINE” based on John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Since our incorporation as a local nonprofit in 1990, so much has changed and yet, so much has stayed the same.

One thing that changes is seeing friendly new guests at the fundraising banquet. They’re going to enjoy the turkey-and-all-the-trimmings dinner with many others that reminisce attending annually for decades, even back when held at the historic Coliseum Ballroom.

Music will be The Klassen Family, and darling babies and proud moms will tell of their experiences at HHPC.


One thing that stays the same is that God presides at the top of our organizational chart and we strive to honor him in our words and actions.

We are a nondenominational prolife Christian ministry located in downtown Worthington, providing free advocacy services to pregnant women and parents of babies up to one year old. We provide positive alternatives to abortion using Minnesota Department of Health materials.

I asked many people, “What does the community need to know about us?”

They said, “Tell them...”

  • All-time, record-breaking client enrollment — 112 clients last quarter.

  • We collaborate with community organizations as to avoid duplication of services

  • Clients earn nice incentive items from our boutique.

  • The ministry requires donations to continue. Remind them that we are conservative with financial support and that we employ a CPA to do taxes.

  • We have Christian employees, who’ve tirelessly served with TLC while pivoting through the pandemic and loyally keeping the office open (with COVID precautions). Since the last banquet, employees have helped clients that had very serious problems such as homelessness, suicidal thoughts, complicated pregnancies and babies in the NICU.

  • That the clients have reported the thing they liked best is that we pray with and for them during every visit.

  • We have a booth at Minnesota West Community & Technical College. Remind everyone that it’s hard to be a single person without tools to make good dating choices. Say that it’s going well and the banner on the college wall says it all: “HHPC is positive, optimistic and ready to listen to you!”

  • About the precious babies.

  • About the sin and evil in the world. Tell them about the horrors of abortion and that the spiritual warfare is palpable.

  • Ask them to pray without ceasing for confused, vulnerable clients whose lives are hard and they’re tempted to schedule an abortion appointment. Share with them the meeting with a depressed 16-year-old mother of three!

  • Our youngest client is 13 years old and the oldest is 45 years.

  • We need you to be involved — to partner with us financially, and that we accept donations from diapers to quilts, prayer shawls, small ladies winter coats and gloves, and help from a handyman.

  • You can’t possibly say it all in one short article, but that you’d love for them to call and say they’ll attend on Nov. 16, and/or invite me to speak at a meeting or church service!

  • Sometimes we cry on our way home from work, and after the tears we always realize that in every desperate situation, what our clients need most is G-O-D! That by God’s grace and mercy their LIFE WILL SHINE!

  • We hope you’ve learned a few new things and find us worthy of your continued client referrals and financial support!

See our ad for more details. Reservations are required as soon as possible, and can be made by emailing me at
Susan Voehl is executive director of the Helping Hands Pregnancy Center, located at 910 Third Ave., Worthington.

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