Guest Editorial: Thankful for my work setting

Jasmine Kohorst is a student at Minnesota West.

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Letter to the Editor

As a woman who just recently turned 19 years old, I am beyond thankful for the work opportunities I have had at such a young age. I am especially thankful for the healthcare corporate I am currently working for: Client Community Services Inc.

Client Community Services Inc. of Worthington takes part in the residential intellectual and developmental disability, mental health and substance abuse facilities industry.

I have been employed since the age of 14. I have had countless jobs since that age, but none of them have impacted me more than the work I do for Client Community Services Inc.

This work environment is not only something that teaches you how to care for those in need, but it also teaches you admiration for those you care for.

I work as a DSP (Direct Support Professional) at one of the multiple group homes located in Worthington. To be more specific, I care for those in need who struggle with mental disabilities.


This environment in the work field requires devotion to care for those who need it. Not only did I already have helpful characteristics prior to this job, but I was able to gain more after acquiring this job.

Work is something that most people may not look forward to, but it becomes much different when you begin to do something you are truly passionate about. Client Community Services Inc. is certainly that job for me. I have learned many things while being involved with these services.

One specific thing I have learned while working for these services is that optimism is vital and important in a setting such as this.

When you work with those of mental disabilities, you begin to learn that empathy is a very important aspect. You want to remind those you care for that they are heard, understood and important. This also teaches you how to learn from those you serve.

A few things I have learned from the people I care for is patience, persistence, better understanding, enhanced kindness and a deeper meaning of courage. It is important to remember that no matter the distinction of each person, greater personal and psychological growth will come from learning about those who are the most different from ourselves.

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