Guest editorial: Thankful for school and its opportunities

Peda Zeba is a junior at Adrian High School.

Globe Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

School has impacted me a lot by opening more doors and opportunities to increase my knowledge, go far in life, and later in the future achieve my dream job. Public schools have benefited a lot of people because if schools were not free some people would not be able to afford them and have that opportunity. In many other countries school is not free, for example in Burkina Faso which is where I was born, school there isn’t free so my parents couldn’t afford it for me and my brother. Going to school has affected my life positively and made it the way it is right now.

When I was in middle school, I hated school but as I got to high school, I started to see the benefits of schools. I have learned a lot from school, not just reading, writing, and doing math but also ways of life. In my 6th grade communication, I learned to say “Yes Miss/Miss” and say please and thank you, which taught me to be respectful and nice. Being in school activities and sports has taught me to be accepting of others and responsible. Having a counselor and teacher I can talk to about my problems really helped me not feel lonely and know I can always depend on people other than my parents. I participated in clubs and that has taught me to help others. Last year I took a computer class, which taught me how to function a computer properly so in the future I can use it for my dream job, which is computer science or engineering. Having the chance to go to school has taught me many things that will help me now and also in the future to be the best I can be.

With the help of schools, I have had more opportunities to open up on my knowledge and work hard to become one day an engineer. Being able to go to school for free has made me appreciative of the chances I get and become more responsible and focused on whatever I want to achieve in the future for myself.

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