Letter: Look for truthful information about carbon pipeline

Reader questions why there's a rush to push this project through.

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Letter to the Editor

To the editor,
I have written before about being informed. I have found it is not always as easy as one would think. There is a lot of info out there that is not truthful.
One example would be the carbon pipeline. I thought this project was being done solely for climate change. After some research, it has been mentioned that this carbon is headed to North Dakota to be stored under ground.
Instead, some say the purpose is to use it to aid in the process of getting oil out of the ground.
Summit Carbon Solutions (the company promoting to build the pipeline ) says the project is a win for every farmer. This must be why a private company wants to use eminent domain to get this pipeline built.
I wonder if it isn't because of the huge tax credit that could amount to $600 million a year. And what is the rush? Is it because they really don't want you to know all the facts? I believe so.

Phillip Kruger

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