Letter: Congresswoman should support something to ease struggles of those in her district

Phelps questions support for child care, drug costs, affordable housing and food security.

Globe Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My weekly update from Congresswoman Fischbach is again full of so many inaccuracies that it begs the question, “Who’s writing these things?? Fox news??

The most glaring issue is the fact that Ms. Fischbach seems to feel that the trouble in Ukraine is all about failed policies of this administration with no regard for the fact that our previous wannabe mobster was only intent on building new properties in Russia or North Korea. His policies relative to international diplomacy were to defund NATO and thumb his nose at the EU. He was completely inept at forming and maintaining relationships. In the end, it has been Biden who has had to regain the trust of most of our allies by maintaining some degree of continuity in government.

Secondly, Ms. Fischbach makes reference to the Keystone Pipeline as well as a European Pipeline which Republicans felt differently about. The Keystone Pipeline was never designed to carry crude oil meant for refining, and if it had, the cost would have been prohibitive. The price of fuel was going to increase with the millions of people who had suddenly decided that the pandemic was easing. This along with a couple of natural disasters which shut down refineries guaranteed that higher prices were coming. For all those who have chosen to spin this the other direction, it would seem to reflect an enormous lack of understanding. It may be that once you have had your head where theirs have been stuck for so long, it may be very difficult to see clearly. I guess it’s always easier to point the finger at the other side, especially when the alternative would be to recognize their own leader for the traitor and con man which he’ll always be.

As for Ms. Fischbach and her staff, I would appreciate it if you would find something that you support that would help those who struggle in your own district — child care? Drug and medical costs? Affordable housing and homelessness? Food security?


Thank-you for being the shining example of the new “Tribalism” which has taken over your party.

Dennis Phelps

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