Letter: ‘Man is not the cause of global warming’

By Phil Drietz, Delhi The March 9 letter "Wind energy more about taxes than electricity" said "carbon emissions haven't changed" even though wind energy use has gone up greatly. That's because man is not the cause of global warming, nor the main ...

By Phil Drietz, Delhi

The March 9 letter “Wind energy more about taxes than electricity” said  “carbon emissions haven’t changed” even though wind energy use has gone up greatly. That’s because man is not the cause of global warming, nor the main driver of rising CO2 levels.


Man’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of CO2 are insignificant whens tacked up against Ma Nature’s reservoir of CO2 contained in the sea, air and land - a ratio of 24,00 to 1.She has the ability to recycle CO2 a rate that’s over 30 times greater than all the CO2 man injects into the atmosphere. Man’s tiny CO2 accumulations can get eaten up real fast.



The question then is: Is temperature going up because CO2 level is going up? Or, is CO2 going up because the earth’s temperature is going up?


The 40,000 miles of mid-ocean mountain ranges are borderlines of earth’s crust plate movement that injects tremendous heat into the ocean (in some places, the water is over 700 degrees), along with volcanic gases like CO2, SO2 etc.  We now “real-time” monitor about 300 miles of it off our west coast. Most of the remaining 39,700 miles is unmonitored. So, until we get a handle on what this big “tank heater” is doing down there, we certainly should not be touting man-made global warming - especially since rising water temperature will drive out dissolved CO2 at a higher rate into the atmosphere.


The other “tank heater’ is solar energy. The heat capacity of CO2 near the earth’s surface is about 23 times less than the sun's 150 watts/sq-meter heat energy at that point. Now consider that about 97 percent of all CO2 in the atmosphere is made by nature, and 3 percent is manmade. So man’s puny 0.195 watts/sq-meter drives us into thermal disaster?


But CO2 is not the biggest GHG player. About 95 percent of GHG effect comes from water vapor. Only about 0.117 percent of GHG effect is due to man-made atmospheric CO2. So, water vapor has a lot more clout on climate than we humans.



Long before the Industrial Revolution, we had the Medieval Warm Period. Then came the Little Ice Age, and now another warm up. It’s a cyclic thing in which sun, volcanoes and cloud cover are the main climate players - not man.


Tell your state senator and representative to reject the proposed HF 700 & SF 850 legislation to reduce CO2 emissions. They’re totally worthless for reducing global warming.


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