Letter: Parents must become more involved

Speak out about quality, content of education.

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Letter to the Editor
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The values being propagated and instituted in our public schools are not the values of yesterday. Schools are training centers turning our children into social activists instead of becoming productive members of our society.

Public school boards have cancelled learning excellence and readiness for our children. Instead, boards of education are listening to those who push the leftist Marxist ideology to indoctrinate the children in critical race theory, which causes division amongst different culture groups; transgenderism, which has harmful emotional consequences to those going through hormone manipulation and operational sex changes; and abolishment of the acceptance of a Judeo-Christian world view.

There is new research regarding the harmful emotional trauma that these individuals encounter after their change. Structural, interpersonal, and individual forms of stigma are highly prevalent among transgender people and have been linked to adverse health outcomes including depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance abuse, and HIV (Clements-Nolle et al., 2006; Grant, 2011; Nemoto et al., 2011; Reisner et al., 2014b; Sevelius, 2013).

As you see the radical changes taking place and the consequences of those changes, do you truly believe those changes are preparing the children to become better equipped to be successful in the fields of work they enter and help them to be a better person? Schools must emphasize values that will help students to become productive and successful members of society.


Parents of children in public schools should become more involved in their education. They should speak up and speak out regarding the quality and content of their education.

Leroy Vetsch

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