Letter: Thanks for fixing the unemployment insurance fund

Chamber grateful to Rep. Rod Hamilton, legislature and Gov. Tim Walz.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

A huge thank you to Representative Rod Hamilton for his leadership and determination to fix the pandemic unemployment insurance trust fund deficit.

A $2.7 billion hole in the unemployment insurance fund was created by the pandemic due to forced closures and COVID-related layoffs. The enactment of this bill will retroactively hold employers harmless for major payroll tax increases — which were of no fault of their own.

We are grateful to the Legislature for passing, and Governor Tim Walz for signing this bill, but it would not have been possible without Representative Hamilton. He truly understands the challenges faced by businesses in our community, and is committed to economic recovery and moving our region forward.

Michael P. Daley, Executive Director
Worthington Area Chamber/CVB/WREDC
Doug Loon, President and CEO
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

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