Dear Friends,

The month of June was very exciting and I was able to see many new wonderful places, experience amazing things, and I got to see my family again!

My mom, my sister and some family friends visited me while I had some vacation time from school. I showed them around Crailsheim and shared some of the culture and highlights of the city with them. We were able to visit with some close German friends that we have known for many years and had dinner with new friends I have made since being here. It was wonderful to see them again and it is unbelievable to me how fast the time has gone this past year.

When my family was here we drove to Luxembourg to visit some cousins of our family friends. On the way there we drove through Belgium and visited both Bastogne and the Ardennes Forest near Foy to see some World War II sights. Seeing the cemeteries and the fox holes in the forest where the soldiers would take cover during battle really made me realize how terrible the war was for the soldiers. I appreciate the service they gave for our freedom.

We took a fabulous tour of Luxembourg City with Joseph, the cousin of our friends. This was one of my favorite activities that we did, as Joseph knew a lot of history and shared many interesting stories. Luxembourg isn’t very big in size but it is still very amazing with a lot to offer. We saw churches, museums, statues and parts of the old city. I also got to try a traditional Luxembourgish dish which was made with chicken, rice, a biscuit and a mushroom sauce, and it was so delicious!

We drove to Vianden, a city in northern Luxembourg and toured a very beautiful castle. Later that evening we were invited to the home of some other relatives of our friends for a nice dinner and a true cultural experience. They were very interesting people and I am thankful that I got to meet them. We also went hiking in a forest near Consdorf, Luxembourg. We went through a cave and enjoyed the nearby streams. We were treated to a backyard barbecue which featured traditional Luxembourgish sausages, potato salad and cucumber salad. We went for a bike ride from there to Echternach, a small nearby village. That evening we returned to Luxembourg City to experience the crowds, sights, smells and sounds of National Day, which included a huge celebration with a torchlight parade and fireworks.

On the drive back to Crailsheim we drove through France since we were so close! We stopped at a small town for lunch at a sidewalk café and French food. I enjoyed authentic macaroons made with gelato. I really enjoyed the time with my family and friends exploring these other countries.

In Germany we visited a mine in Aalen, took a trip to Nürnberg and hiked to the Marienbrucke (Queen Mary’s Bridge) for a spectacular sunset view of Neuschwanstein Castle! I really loved seeing my family and it was a lot of fun to spend time with our friends. I can’t believe I am entering my last month here in Crailsheim, Germany. It will be hard to say goodbye, but I also look forward to coming back to Worthington and beginning my senior year.

Thank you to the committee and everyone who supports the Worthington-Crailsheim Exchange.


Chloe Bents