A bill I’m sponsoring that would give deer hunters more input into hunting rules and regulations will soon be debated on the Minnesota House floor.

The legislation is an answer to local concerns about the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that were shared at a Slayton listening session in December.

Area deer hunters had many questions and comments regarding some of the rules being issued by the DNR. They felt their input could be better utilized in a survey, and this bill ensures that their voices will he heard.

Last session, the legislature approved a law requiring the DNR to conduct a hunting survey. My language requires the DNR to survey deer hunters.

The survey ranges from topics such as season start and end dates to the number of buck and doe licenses issued. Deer hunters are eager to give the DNR some feedback, and this bill will allow them to do just that.

I believe this deer hunter survey legislation will also become part of a comprehensive game and fish policy bill that will be approved by the legislature later this session.