The election of a president is a very important matter when it comes to picking Supreme Court Justices. There are two constitutional items that could be in play in the near future. The Second Amendment states that it is the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that right should not be infringed. Article II, Section 2 says that the President has power, with the consent of two-thirds of the Senate, to make treaties. With the United Nations “Small Arms Treaty,” what would the Supreme Court do if that treaty would be passed?

We have the Second Amendment and Article II, Section 2, that would be in play. If someone or a group would challenge the “Small Arms Treaty,” how would the court decide on its constitutionality?  

Yes, the presidential election does matter. Do we want justices who are in favor of the Second Amendment on the court, or do we want justices who oppose our basic right to keep and bear arms?  

The people of this nation will have to determine the direction our nation should go concerning our freedoms. What would the Justices decide - the Second Amendment is most important, or is the “Small Arms Treaty” most important?

Who do you believe will be the person that will protect our Second Amendment rights? The election this fall will decide.