Recently Governor Dayton came to Worthington Fire Department to discuss the importance of the Lewis and Clark waterway and connecting the last link of it to Worthington. Senate District 22 Senator Bill Weber was also in attendance. Then a curious thing happened. Instead of advocating for his constituents and getting the Lewis and Clark waterway to Worthington, Senator Weber played the blame game. He blamed the governor. He blamed the Democrats. He blamed the weather.

The fact of the matter is that Senator Weber was elected to represent us, and he didn’t. The Lewis and Clark waterway is crucial to Worthington, its citizens and our economy.

He failed us. Water is coming to Luverne, but not Worthington. Keep your water barrels.

As President Franklin Roosevelt once said. “The buck stops here.” Worthington only got a handful of pennies and a whole lot of excuses. We can do better.

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