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Letter: Vote yes for Sunday liquor sales in Worthington

By Deb Jaycox, Sanborn, Iowa

I am writing this in regard to the Sunday Liquor Sales question that will be on the ballot in Worthington at this year’s presidential election.


I live in Sanborn, Iowa. I am the GM/Director of Operations at GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Club and Duffer’s Bar and Grill in Worthington. I was also the GM of the Worthington Country Club for four years previous to GreatLIFE.

I would like to express my thoughts on Sunday liquor sales. This would allow Worthington restaurants and bars to serve spirited beverages on Sunday. Right now, the current law allows us to serve beer and wine on Sunday.


It is a pure fact that we live in a different time then when this law came into effect. After speaking with several other restaurant owners here in Worthington, it definitely affects their business now.  Customers might come in to business once on a Sunday, but if they can’t get a spirited beverage, they don’t come back -- especially guests from other communities.


My husband and I own Jay’s Restaurant and Lounge in Sanborn, Iowa. Because of our schedules, we love to venture out on Sunday afternoons and evenings for dinner. We enjoy trying new food and then enjoy an after-dinner spirited beverage afterward. Worthington is never a choice for us as we know we can’t get a spirited beverage on Sunday. How many other people are there out there like us?

I can’t imagine the revenue dollars lost for the city of Worthington because of this law. Not just the dollars lost on spirited beverages -- how about shopping, convenience stores, gas stations etc?

If the city of Worthington really wants to expand and become what I feel it wants to become, other restaurants and lounges will not come here if this law is in effect. Being at the golf course, I see the opportunities lost every week! We don’t have Sunday tournaments because we barely have any participation. The golfers that come to tournaments also stop at gas stations, convenience stores and go shopping.

On a personal level, I think that in the time we are in now, the adult residents of Worthington and guests should at least be able to choose. That means the restaurant and lounge owner, also. Right now there is NO choice.


In closing, I encourage Worthington residents when they go to the polls to VOTE YES on Sunday liquor sales so the city of Worthington can continue to grow and expand as an up-and-coming city in Minnesota with “everything to offer its residents and guests.”