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Letter: Auditorium concert shows once again that Worthington is blessed

By Marty Rickers, Worthington

People who live in or around Worthington are truly blessed! We are blessed to have past and present city council and county board members who make decisions in our best interest. We are blessed to have volunteers who give of their time to sit on committees and boards which enrich our opportunities. We are blessed to have amenities that give citizens the ability to access events which broaden our horizons.


One of those events happened on Tuesday evening, Nov. 15 at Worthington’s marvelous Memorial Auditorium — the presentation of the second musical experience of the season sponsored by the Worthington Concert Association — a talented pair of young men who call themselves “Duo Del Sol”. What an exceptional 90-minute show of musical talent and diverse music these two gentlemen put on! I am continually amazed at the level of talent being brought to, and which is also within this community. It was just a pity that so few people turned out on a beautiful November evening to witness this twosome, who will likely never be here again.


Thank you to the present Worthington City Council and city administration for supporting a venue like Memorial Auditorium, and for the people who served in those same capacities in past years, for not allowing the wrecking ball to destroy a building that has turned into such an asset. Thank you to the Friends of the Auditorium and Worthington Concert Association for working hard to bring talented acts to our community on a regular basis. And thank you to Margaret Vosburgh and Tammy Makram for your guidance over the years in effectively managing Memorial Auditorium, which has allowed it to become such a grand venue. Everyone who performs there speaks so highly of the facility — it is truly a gem!


Yes, Worthington is truly blessed!