By Andy Olson, Windom

Lyndon LaRouche, over 30 years ago, flipped a switch in my head vis-a-vis British treason in America. Presently, the British Empire’s exposure of its purpose and motives should be self-evident to any thoughtful citizen. The LaRouche paper “The Time Is Now: Destroy the British Empire Once and for All” is a brief and sordid history of the longtime British effort to destroy their “wayward colony.”

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The past 16 years of Republican and Democratic presidencies have been a display of two presidents leading America under the control of British mastery.

President Donald Trump has demonstrated during his campaign and now in the first week of his presidency that he is leaning away from being under the thumb of British mastery. One could characterize the acceleration of battle between Trump (on Twitter) and the establishment media as a revolution against the Trump presidency. CREW, a George Soros-funded group, is leading an effort to impeach Trump, a would-be dictator.

An associate of Soros, Steve Mnuchin, has been chosen as Trump’s treasury secretary. Mnuchin, in his confirmation hearing, stated that he would not support the re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall bank regulation. Mnuchin reflects British imperial policy, and Trump’s efforts would be doomed with Mnuchin as his treasury secretary. Trump must be protected by this assault from a desperate British Empire. America will not be great again with Mnuchin as Secretary of Treasury.