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Letter: Nobles County 4-H salutes volunteers during National Volunteer Week

By Bailey Onken, President, Nobles County 4-H Federation

Behind every good 4-Her is a great 4-H volunteer. Everyone hears about the 4-Hers’ successes, especially during fair time. What most people don’t hear about is the dedication and hard work each 4-H volunteer must put in to make those successes possible. Nobles County 4-H would like to recognize all of the hard work and dedication that each 4-H volunteer puts into the program during National Volunteer Week, April 23-29.

The Minnesota 4-H program heavily depends on the work of 11,000 adult volunteers who actively engage in the program to make events possible. Volunteers are critical to the success of 4-H programs and making a difference in the lives of youth. These volunteers work as club leaders, project leaders, committee members, and donate their time to complete the millions of little jobs required for a successful 4-H program.

Volunteers spend numerous hours working on tasks, such as mentoring a child with a 4-H project, leading a project with youth to serve the community, or helping organize an event at the county fair. Nobles County currently has 117 dedicated 4-H volunteers that work to maintain the 4-H program.

The work of 4-H volunteers is continuous. Every day volunteers lend a helping hand to make 4-H programs more beneficial to the residents of Nobles County. Thank you to all Nobles County 4-H volunteers that make this program possible. Those interested in joining the team of 4-H volunteers are invited to contact University of Minnesota Extension-Nobles County at 295-5315 or