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Letter: Historical Society offered delightful afternoon

By Marion Cashel, Worthington

On Dec. 5, I attended an afternoon “tea” presented by the staff and volunteers of the Nobles County Historical Society. It’s been some time since I've spent such a delightful afternoon being entertained by and listening to staff members enlighten the audience of women with their dissertations.

The topics varied from information pertaining to museum artifacts having been displayed in earlier years at the old Nobles County Courthouse on Main Street; to the inception of the Society itself in 1932. Annual dues were 50 cents, and life membership was $5. The mission of the Society is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Nobles County.

We learned more facts about the Society; the Society adopted a constitution and bylaws and then was incorporated in 1944. A Nobles County Genealogical Society was enrolled under the umbrella of NCHS. What a great entity to begin searching for one’s forebears. Later, in 1967 and 1968, saw the birth of Pioneer Village. These facts and many more were all interesting and enlightening to say the least. I could go on about the assortment of offerings the Society provides.

The Society can be a foundation for cultural diversity. It is designed for everyone who is seeking a bit of history about their families or Nobles County's towns. But then, we were also musically entertained by the Celebration Chorus under the direction of Debra Moe. Each was sporting a Santa hat and smiles as they sang, representing Worthington Prairie Elementary, Worthington Christian School and Worthington Middle School. Their selections were well rehearsed and were well received. Their parents would have swelled with pride.

I’d like to suggest to anyone who has not visited the Nobles County Historical Society in the lower level of the Nobles County Library, do yourself a favor and stop in. The staff and volunteers are warm, gracious and willing to help the newcomers. This may be the time to “gift” yourself with a membership. Come, join the mix and belong to an knowledgeable and delightful group interested in Nobles County history — and more. Merry Christmas.