By Verlon and Jeanne Ponto, Round Lake, Coalition for Rural Property Rights

There are two sides to every story. The story that Industrial Wind is telling our communities is of easy wealth and a cleaner world. They promise not to damage your farms, pay for what they do and to be a good neighbor.

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Many people have found out that this is not the reality. Hundreds of groups have been formed across the U.S. and around the world opposing Industrial Wind. A tiny bit of research will lead you into an across-the-globe community of documentaries, studies, lawsuits and testimonies of the problems with Industrial Wind.


Shadow strobing and noise can make people feel sick within their own homes. There are hundreds of studies and testimonies that will attest to this, but it is very difficult to prove. The negative impacts can be cast for up to a mile in some cases. There have been official complaints filed in seven Minnesota counties, and Minnesotans have even abandoned their homes. Don’t put yourself or your neighbors at risk.


Wind contacts are notoriously one-sided and full of red flags to lawyers who understand such contracts. Giving up your rights, especially your right to a jury trial, puts all the power on the wind company’s side. The easements that are asked for can create havoc with new buildings, mortgages or even selling off parcels. If there is a dispute, they will win.