Letter: Referendum is "an investment in our young people"


By Loren Goettsch, Worthington

I have watched with interest the school referendum for a new high school.

I came to Worthington in 1943, went to school for my senior year and graduated.  I went on to serve in World War II and the Korean War.  In 1959, my brother and I started a construction business. The old high school was torn down and moved to its present location on the old fairgrounds because the need was there. I worked on the building site and the new football field.  

As a business, we had to expand.  We invested in bigger, more efficient machinery.  Almost 80 percent of our work was for farmers.  Without their business and the city of Worthington, our company would not have survived.  Because of growth, we needed to update our business or we would not have been competitive.  Many of my farmer friends did the same, updating machinery and techniques, including board members, Joel and Linden.  They are solid Christian individuals.  I agree with them that there is a serious need for the schools to expand.  

Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is an investment in our young people — an investment that is a top priority to make our community and nation one of the best and most competitive in the best environment possible. Looking back on 90-plus years, I see what my kids and community members like Bob Ludlow, a friend from high school, have accomplished and contributed to this community.  They were able to do this because of the education they received in Worthington.

Our children need our support.  Please vote yes.