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Letter: Make education a high priority with 'yes' vote

By Jeanne Goettsch, Worthington

We are older than many voters, but we vote with pride. We are on a fixed income.  We raised our family in Worthington. Our children were educated in Worthington. They did continue to higher education because of the excellent education received in Worthington.  

We believe the school board, superintendent, and every individual employed by District 518 are truly committed to the best education for the children of District 518, so we will once again support our school bond referendum.  

As a young working class family, we faced increases in taxes, we faced one school referendum after another — West Elementary, Worthington Middle School and Prairie Elementary.  Sure, it was a struggle.  We had to give up something to make ends meet, but to us the education of our children was a high priority.

Do vote yes for the School Bond Referendum in February.  The children of District 518 deserve that kind of support for their education.