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Letter: More than one solution to district's space concerns

By Connie Ostrem, Worthington

I agree completely with Mark Schutte’s letter to the editor last week. So not only are we being bullied but financial information is being kept from us, too. Why is this school board so wrapped up in one solution? You all have tunnel vision.

Here’s an idea: We already own the land at Prairie Elementary and the utilities are already there, as are the streets. Why can’t we build one or two wings onto Prairie for the fifth- and sixth-graders? Then K-6 would be back where they belong. Middle school would then be seven, eighth and ninth grades. Senior high would be 10th, 11th and 12th. That would eliminate 200 students from each building and be a lot cheaper than $65 million, wouldn’t it?

We are a farmer and factory workers community, not a bunch of skyscrapers full of executives. Maybe we should focus on kids learning English in pre-school and paid for by those parents. There is no reason why we are still paying interpreters for years and years. No, our ancestors did not learn English this way.

And one last thought: wouldn’t that have been great if that 3 million would have been divided among the teachers for doing such a great job? After all, it’s not the building that creates good learning, it’s the teachers!