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Letter: School and its staff a 'blessing'

By Sara Barber, Worthington

Eight years ago, my husband and I were making the decision on where to send our oldest son for kindergarten. Worthington is very blessed to have three schools offering elementary education.

At that time, we asked many questions about the schools and what they could offer our son. While all the schools offer a quality education in a caring environment, we choose St. Mary’s School. Eight years and three kids’ experiences have continued to reinforce our education decision. Small class sizes and a Christ-centered learning environment have given our kids the opportunity to not only excel academically, but grow in their faith and character as well.

While we initially focused on what the school could do for our children, we have also discovered what our children can give back to the school and the community. St. Mary’s School focuses on outreach to the community and the children demonstrate leadership within the school. The grade levels interact and the older students are leaders and role models for the younger students.

During this season of school visits and Kindergarten Round-Up, we encourage you to

explore all the options for your child. St. Mary’s School and its staff have been a blessing to our family and will be to yours as well.