Letter: Catholic schools teach many important values


By Jane Krekelberg Specken, Hopkins

Why not provide your child a quality education in a loving and God-filled environment? I attended St. Mary’s Catholic School until sixth grade and not only received a great education, but the friendships from those early years continue today. Our three children all graduated from John Ireland Catholic School in Hopkins, Minnesota. The people they have become is in a large part due to the strong academic and moral base the Catholic education gave them.

The whole child is catered to — socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Our children are well-rounded individuals who have great empathy for the less fortunate. They contribute to the success of any community they find themselves in. They are confident and know that if, for any reason, they stumble, they get up and keep going.

A Catholic school education goes beyond the core curriculum. Values are reinforced in every

Classroom and promote healthy self-esteem, confidence, respect, compassion and thought for others. The decision we made to send our children to Catholic school and sacrifices our family made is reaffirmed by the blessings we receive every day from God.