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Update: Ellsworth City Hall, destroyed in morning fire, comes down

Letter: Keep working hard on movie theater

By Nancy Marco, Worthington

It was with a great deal of anticipation that I read the notice in Saturday’s Globe regarding the Worthington City Council’s consideration of a professional services agreement to create plans for a city-built movie theater that would be leased by Todd Frager, owner of the former Northland Cinema. Details regarding the location, number of theaters, seats etc. were given. Council members were also going to be looking at expansion of the outdoor swimming pool and new designs for the Centennial Park Beach Nook overhaul.  

It was with a certain degree of disappointment that I read in the next edition of The Globe on Wednesday that at Monday’s meeting, the movie theater vote was postponed in order to explore private investment possibilities. The council did move forward with two other projects, expansion of the pool and the Beach Nook overhaul.  

While disappointed with this delay, I am hopeful that there will be private investors who will be able to get a theater built soon. And I am hoping that if this doesn’t work out, the City Council with still consider a city-built theater. Our town needs to have a theater, and we have been without a theater for far too long. I certainly do want to commend those who are continuing to work to make this happen. But we need to get the show on the road, no pun intended.