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Letter: Vetoes mean region loses out in many ways

With Gov. Mark Dayton’s vetoes of the supplemental budget bill and the tax conformity/school funding bill, it is regrettable that the governor passed on the opportunity to enact bipartisan bills.

The governor’s actions mean Minnesota has failed to enact the first income tax cut in nearly two decades, funding to help deputy registrars hurt by the MNLARS mess, revenue to help avert a 7 percent cut for disability services, school safety funding, and more.

In the final week of the legislative session, lawmakers addressed nearly 70 percent of the specific concerns outlined by the governor late in the week and provided up to $84 million in new funding for schools ($225 million in total when flexibility measures are added), meeting the governor more than halfway on his key priorities and concerns.

Southwest Minnesota schools have now lost the chance to access hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the governor’s veto. In addition to the emergency relief in school funding, the region also loses out on $15 million on broadband grants and increased funding for struggling daycare providers.