By Ron Glawe, Worthington


Once again, the city of Worthington is making bad choices with our tax dollars.


The city proposed a six-plex theater but, just in case the city doesn’t remember, we had a five-plex theater in the Northland Mall that couldn’t make a go of it. Maybe a better idea would be to build a three- or four-plex movie theater, and it would also be nice to have a bowling alley on the same property. The city also has proposed to stick $500,000 into the Beach Nook, when the Beach Nook is only open four months out of the year.


Another topic to be put on the table is the old liquor store. The city said the old liquor store wasn’t good enough, so it spent tons of money to remodel it. Then it still wasn’t good enough, so the city went out and bought Dollar General. That building wasn’t good enough, so the city had to put tons of money into that. We need things for the citizens to enjoy, not a new liquor store. Dumb choice!


Why don’t they repair the streets in Worthington? When will they stop wasting our tax dollars? Maybe we should all boycott paying our property taxes.