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Letter: Vote for Murphy is 'good for Minnesota'

By Roger Elgersma, Pipestone

There are two reasons that I participate in party politics even though I may not always agree with my party on every issue. The reasons are that I get far better informed and can make more of a difference.

I attended the Democrats’ governor debate in Granite Falls a few months ago. Paul Thissen and Erin Murphy attended, and Tim Walz had to miss because Trump had shut down the government and so Tim rightfully had to stay in Washington to vote if a plan to start the government happened.  

After the debate, I told Erin's worker that I was for her because she had experience in two very large parts of state government. That was both in education as a teacher and in health care as a nurse. This told me that she understood those industries and their culture. I also — in this post-Me-too era — thought that a woman rather than a good old boys club military man would be best if we want the trend to morality in America to continue.

I had not realized it, but Paul Thissen had come into the lobby and was standing near me and heard my opinion. Someone with him asked him what he thought of what I said. He agreed with me and commented that when he was the top person in the Senate and Erin Murphy was the top person in the House a few years before, she always knew how to write the bills right for education and health care since she knew the culture in those areas. He also said that if we all get behind her, she could win.

I was totally impressed that Paul was that fair, honest and unselfish. So I was impressed a couple months later when I found that he had been put on the Minnesota State Supreme Court.  That is a good place for a fair, selfless and totally honest person. But now since he is a judge, he probably can not tell this because a judge is supposed to not be partisan in elections.

Later at our county convention, I asked Walz's person if Tim had, with his highest military ranking in the Congress, ever did anything to stop military rape either while in the military or in the Congress. The only answer his campaign worker gave me is that he did not like that question.

Participate in your government. Voting for Erin Murphy in the primary and in November for governor would be good for Minnesota.