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Letter: Feehan taking wrong approach to politics

By Leroy Vetsch, Mankato

A recent story from Minnesota Public Radio shed some important light on the race for Congress in the First District. In the story, it was reported that in the most recent period, Democrat Dan Feehan raised only 25 percent of his campaign contributions from Minnesotans, and that the most money to his campaign was contributed by wealthy donors from New York.

Secondly, the MPR story exposed that despite Feehan’s so-called pledge to not take “corporate money” in his campaign, two of the Political Action Committees supporting Feehan are being bankrolled by investment banker “heavyweights” and other Political Action Committees representing various industries.

“Do as I say, not as I do” seems to be Feehan’s approach to politics. The fact that he’s being heavily funded by “progressives” and left-wing activists from New York, Hollywood and San Francisco is no surprise since Feehan has never lived in the First District, and does nothing to convince me he shares our Southern Minnesota values on important issues.

First District voters deserve better.