By Dale Cuperus, Lakefield

I respect people who serve our government. I try to respect them even when their views on public policy are radically different from my views. I especially respect those who serve in an elected office or are candidates for an elected office. They are leading and the first to feel the sting of criticism. Observing public discussion has taught me the task of educating citizens and voters is extremely difficult. This job of education requires good character and a calm and measured personality.


This campaign season I observed Dan Feehan, a candidate running to serve us in the U.S. Congress, being tested in an educational moment. Dan was addressing members of his own political party, many of whom were trying to get him to change his position on a policy issue. He listened. He asked a couple questions to bring clarity to the discussion. Dan then calmly and rationally explained how his management experience as an Under Secretary of Defense had taught him how the approach they were advocating was probably not the best for long-term beneficial results. Dan educated. Dan did not go for the quick emotional response that is employed quite often in our current political climate.


The above example is what I expect of a good public servant. I came to support Dan Feehan because he has demonstrated good public service his entire adult life. Dan served our country's defense by doing two tours of duty as an army officer in Iraq. Dan served our community as a public school teacher. Dan achieved such a honorable reputation that he was asked to serve as an Under Secretary of Defense. Dan Feehan's dedication to service, and his willingness to engage voters with a respectful attitude, has demonstrated to my satisfaction, that he is well qualified to serve us in the U.S. House of Representatives. I proudly support Dan Feehan.