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Letter: Federal Reserve will benefit from Worthington visit

By Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

I recently visited Worthington for the first time and would like to thank the community for the invitation and for sharing your experiences. This visit was focused on understanding how Worthington has been successful welcoming new immigrants and growing its economy. I met remarkable people and heard inspiring and personal stories of resilience, hard work, optimism and community pride.

Learning about your community allows me to fulfill my obligation to represent our region’s needs, priorities and opportunities as we set monetary policy for the nation.

Worthington is an important example of immigrants contributing to a community’s development, and the residents and business leaders I met with explained how they have successfully embraced immigration to support economic growth. Many communities in our region are experiencing slow population growth, and Worthington demonstrates how a community can revitalize its economy by encouraging immigration.

As the Federal Reserve strives to be more transparent and inclusive, I want to especially thank Mayor Mike Kuhle for inviting me to the International Festival and for an engaging discussion. The event was live-streamed on our website, and you may watch it at if you were unable to attend. There, you may also sign up to receive publications focusing on our region’s economy and economic opportunity.

I am committed to highlighting our unique region as part of monetary policy deliberations, but I cannot do that without candid dialogue like we had in Worthington.