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Letter: Trump's Helsinki visit violates oath of office

By Debra Hogenson, Waseca (formerly of Brewster)

In 1998, the GOP house impeached President Clinton. That year, my son wrote an essay for his senior composition class. Paul’s assignment was to define what constitutes an impeachable offense for a president.

In his essay Paul discussed the Presidential oath of office, the pledge to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Paul argued that a president’s personal failings did not matter if the president’s official actions always defended the nation and the spirit and letter of our founding documents. Paul received an A on his essay, and I think he nailed it.

Monday, in Helsinki, standing next to Vladimir Putin, President Trump violated the most basic responsibility of his office: to defend our nation and uphold and defend our Constitution. The only remaining question is when will members of Congress stand up for our nation and begin impeachment proceedings.