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Letter: Black has provided boost to Worthington Cemetery

By Wally Habben, Round Lake

Over the years, the perpetual care at the Worthington Cemetery has been present, but presents aren’t always as we would like. I believe that the past several years of care were handled with heartfelt labor, but the cemetery was certainly in need of a fresh perspective.

Enter Kevin Black. His routine duties are grass mowing, edge trimming and branch collecting. Going the extra mile: the gravel paths get graded, the trees get trimmed, the dilapidated unsightly fence has been removed  AND the heartbreaking settled graves are getting some respectful fill.

Thank you to the Cemetery Association for seeing the positive in getting Kevin on your team to provide care … respectfully. Thank you to Nobles County & the city of Worthington for chipping in financially to not only allow the Worthington Cemetery care to continue, but to flourish. Kudos to Kevin!