By Loreena Luetgers, Worthington

Books are essential for children to learn. Studies have proven that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important for learning. Books help children to learn by the pictures, and especially when someone reads to them. This also teaches children the importance of reading and learning.


For many years, the Early Risers Kiwanis Club has collected and donated used children’s books for the Manna Food Pantry. When children come to the pantry, they can choose a book to take home with them to keep. One of the volunteers has commented that the books have been a great way for the children to be occupied while their parents are receiving their items. I was

told by a volunteer recently that a child actually brought back a book because he had read it and he wanted another child to have it. That touches the heart.


Our members have donated thousands of books over the years. We have purchased them at garage sales, library sales and from individuals. It is getting harder to find used children’s books, so this is why we are writing this - we’re asking you for your help.


If you have children’s books that you don’t need, you can contact us and we will gladly pay you for them, pick them up and deliver them to the pantry. Otherwise, you can take them directly to the Manna Food Pantry on Mondays or Fridays. It will be greatly appreciated.


The Early Risers Kiwanis Club lives out the Kiwanis motto: Serving the Children of the World. We serve them in different ways within the schools and the community through our time and donations. We want to continue this worthwhile project with your help, and we say “thank you.”


If you have any questions and/or have books, please call me at (507) 329-2652.