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Letter: Downtown theater idea worth pursuing

By Orville Janssen

Amen, Mr. Bergh. I agree that it’s a much better idea to look into the possibility of purchasing and redoing the Carpet Plus building, and revitalizing the downtown area. To spend $3 million on a building outside the inner city area takes away any chance of revitalizing downtown.

The city owns a lot of property already and has let it be known that such property is taken off the tax roll — such as the senior center (a million-dollar joke), a new liquor store and the MC Fitness building. These taxes in some way are added to the public one way or another.

An article some weeks ago stated that a building along with a theater could have a bowling alley or roller rink. Both are dying businesses, or already dead. Let the party that wants the theater built do it on their own. That way, if it fails, it’s not an empty and useless building by the city.