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Letter: High tobacco taxes brought new products

By Deb Lemickson, Lakefield

I could be way off base, but back when the state and federal government decided to stick it to smokers by raising taxes on cigarettes so high a lot of people couldn't afford them, the tobacco companies countered  by coming up with something that would be cheaper for those who chose to smoke.

So, in come e-cigarettes and all the other forms of stuff that kids are using today — things that might not even be on the market today. So, in my opinion I know who I lay the blame on: the government, trying to put tobacco companies out of business. Do we blame them for trying to survive> What about the tobacco growers? Put them out of business so the government can then subsidize them.

I think I know who we can blame for our kids using all the new inventions someone came up with to stay in business. But then, that's just my opinion.