By Marvin Heeren, Worthington

A few weeks ago I was having coffee with a group of guys when the subject came up about the caravan coming up through Mexico. The caravan included people from South American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and others. They were coming here to attempt entry into the United States. They were attempting to get a better life than the poverty, drugs, the killings and everything else that was destroying their lives.


As this discussion continued, one of my friends said, “How can anybody that calls themselves a Christian deny these people entry into the United States?” This statement shocked me somewhat, as I do consider myself a good Christian. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with him. It made me wonder how we could change some of our immigration laws to allow for people to escape such a calamity like the one that is unfolding in Central America.


Our country is so short of workers. There are help wanted posters all over town. Surely there must be a way to:


  1. Help these people better their lives.
  2. Help with the employment problems businesses are facing.
  3. Bring in needed tax dollars to local, state and federal budgets.


As we consider the fact that all of us in one form another are immigrants, why do we not want others to have what we have? I was just wondering. What do you think? There must be a better way to met them at the border than with our soldiers.