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Letter: November brings basketball and new host family

Hello Worthington!

I can’t stress it enough, but every month goes by faster and faster. It is insane! Because of that, I am able to experience more and more.

As I said in my last letter, I joined the girls basketball team even though I’ve never played basketball before. And yes, it was a challenge at the beginning and I am still struggling, but the more I play the better I get and the more fun it is!

Since the season started, I am pretty busy with practice and the games after school. Sadly, I haven’t scored yet, but I am working on it — and it definitely is a work in progress —  and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it. I am so thankful to have opportunities like these, and I am glad all the experienced girls and coaches keep up with me and my non-experienced journey.

Since it is November, I celebrated my first ever Thanksgiving. I not only had fun with the Turkey Bingo in school, but I enjoyed the short break so much. We went out to the farm to celebrate with my American grandparents and all the other relatives. It was such a nice day, and I am so glad I could spend it with the Moodys.

I also made it to North Dakota! Jean and Jason Johnson took me to Fargo to visit Skyla (former

exchange student) and to watch her perform in the recent play “The Cat in the Hat.” Even though it was more a kids’ play, it was so much fun. We stayed the night, and this trip was one of my November highlights for sure. We also went to the movies and they had really comfortable chairs, plus you could bring your own blanket. How cool is that?! On our way back home we did a lot of shopping, and I couldn’t be more thankful to get to spend time with them.

With all the snow and the cold weather, I slowly started to get into the Christmas mood. We

decorated the house at home, watched traditional Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows. I mean, isn’t that the best way to get ready for MERRY-SZN? For me, it definitely is.

During the Thanksgiving break, I not only ate way too much turkey, but I moved to my second family.

It was a bit weird knowing you won’t live in the same house anymore with the family you’re used to. I moved in with the Burns family, and I am glad I knew them before because it made things so much easier for me. I have to admit, it was different for me having more than one brother, but they all are really nice and caring. I think it is a good thing that we are able to switch our family. It is different and moving can be hard, but it is a great opportunity to see how different families in the United States live and what makes their family special.

Besides moving, eating turkey and playing basketball, I spent time with my friends. We either play games together, watch movies, go shopping or just hang out together and still have a good time.

I also had my first Basketball Bounding and that was fun. All the girls are super nice, and I am glad I can meet up with them. That’s the good thing about trying new things: You not only get to

experience new things but you get to know more and more people, and that is what makes me


We also had our very last parade for marching band: the holiday parade. Even though it was really cold, I enjoyed my last parade a lot. I had so much fun with all the other kids, and I am so glad I can stay in band for the whole school year. Band makes me happy, and it is such an awesome group of people. I am already excited for Concert Band and cannot wait for more fun times with our band.

One thing which was really nice and I enjoyed seeing was a drive-thru with the Christmas story. It was short but sweet, and even though I felt really sorry for all the people who were involved in this and had to stand outside in the cold, it was definitely worth it. It was a really nice gesture to do for Christmas.

I was glad I could volunteer before Christmas, too. I helped the Student Council with the Toys for

Tykes and I not only had fun making people smile, but doing it with all the other nice kids made me smile. I was happy I could be a part of such a nice thing for people who need a little bit of help, and I would do it over and over again.

With all the things that were going on in November, this month went by really fast. Now I’m

excited what December has to offer for me, and I can’t wait for Christmas!