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Letter: K-Kids enjoy holiday celebration at Prairie

By Sherry Benton, Kiwanis K-Kids Advisor, Worthington

On Dec. 21 the Early Risers Kiwanis and the K-Kids Advisors, Ashley Doeden and Kirsten Sinnamon, provided an early holiday celebration for the kids with a Hot Chocolate Plus Marshmallows Day. The kids were excited in anticipation of the upcoming vacation, but so enthused with the time to spend with their buddies and have a morning that served as a conversation convention. They do not have a lot of opportunity in their routine day to spend a supervised time mingling and chatting about all kinds of things. This morning provided that. They were so busy checking out all the new things that were happening in the lives of their friends and also chatting about the plans for the vacation while sipping cups of hot chocolate.

It was a polite and well-mannered group of fourth-grade students that have a membership in the K-Kids sponsored group by the Early Risers Kiwanis. We had eight Kiwanians that made the hot chocolate and provided plenty of greetings and marshmallows to top off the cup. As they concluded, the officers and advisors were heading out to give the staff of Prairie their own hot chocolate morning.

We have been blessed with superb advisor leadership during the years that we have supported the K-Kids. Cory Van Briesen, assistant principal, was there, and is also a past advisor for the K-Kids and continues to be supportive of the K-Kids.

It provides leadership skills, community involvement and responsibility in serving others, working together with advisors and students.

We are privileged to support this program with the help and support of the staff and administration of Prairie Elementary.