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Letter: December brings American Christmas traditions and cold

Hello Worthington!

I can’t believe it’s already December. That means it is the last month of 2018, and this year went by way too fast.

December means Christmas time, and I love Christmas. I also was really excited for the break because I think everyone really needed it. Before the break I had lots of things going on, and I will tell you all about them.

Basketball games and practice have kept me very busy during the week. On the weekend, I spent most of my time with friends and my new host family. I went to my first hockey game with some friends and I celebrated with one of my friend’s birthday, too. I went Christmas shopping with my second American mom, Karen, and it was so nice of her showing me all the different stores I’ve never been to before. We also made Christmas cookies together, and that was fun. We not only made them for us, but for the Culture Corner event at Minnesota West.

I had so much fun at Minnesota West, and I was happy I could present my country this day. I enjoyed preparing my big poster with a lot of information for this special event. It was thrilling to see all the other posters and learn about all the different cultures around the world. I am so glad I was part of this, and it is a very nice thing to do for the community.

I also went to Pioneer Village with Jean and Jason Johnson to see their Christmas program. I not only watched some good dance performances, but I listened to pretty Christmas songs by many talented singers from Worthington. I even met the real Santa and could whisper him all the wishes I had! And, I went on a horse ride with some really magnificent horses. It was so nice looking at all the different things they had to offer at Pioneer Village, and I’m glad I spent a day there.

One thing that was really interesting for me was listening to college students from Worthington. Being a member of National Honor Society gave me the opportunity to learn more about the college life in the United States. We made it possible to invite some former high school students from Worthington to our school, and they talked about their college experiences. It was interesting for me to hear about that, and now I know way more things about the student life here for sure.

Since December, I have been living with the family of Karen and Scott Burns. We went to a Christmas concert with my family in Sioux Falls, and that was super interesting. It was a Christmas concert, but not just a normal one. It was a concert by Brule and that meant it included not only their traditional music, but their traditional dancing and outfits. I was surprised because that wasn’t what I really expected. But I was surprised in a positive way, and I was so glad my new family took me there. It was awesome!

I was so happy when the break was finally here because that not only meant family time but watching even more Christmas movies and sleeping in. Yes, I really needed the break. But what I didn’t really need was the snowstorm! I never in my life felt an icy wind like this before. I knew winter in Minnesota would be cold, and I also knew that this was just the beginning of it, but it was already enough to finally believe all the people that told me that it will get worse. I shouldn’t complain that much because that meant I could stay in the warm house and continue watching Christmas movies, drinking tea and playing games with my new brothers Dominic, Sam and Quentin.

Not being home for Christmas and not celebrating with my big family at home was different for me. And even though I thought of my family at home during this time, I did have a nice Christmas here in Worthington. It definitely was different than the one at home, but I am glad I was able to experience an American Christmas and would never trade this for anything else.

I am already excited about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Worthington and can’t wait to see the difference between German New Year’s Eve and American New Year’s Eve!

Best wishes and see you next year!